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Whether you are a company operating a large fleet of Contract Hire or Finance Lease vehicles; a driver opting out of company policy and looking for a Personal Contract Purchase or an individual looking for the best vehicle finance method to suit their needs such as Hire Purchase - Sinclair Finance & Leasing offer a range of Finance Options to all clients enabling them to select the one most appropriate for their needs.

Types Of Finance Packages Available

Key Differences

In the section below we have tried to outline the differences between each of the vehicle Finance Options we offer and where the key benefits lie. The table below gives a brief overview of each finance option.

Accurate monthly budgeting x x x x x
Improved cash flow x x x x x
Minimal capital expenditure x x x x x
Fixed interest rate x x x x x N/A
Capital allowances available N/A x x
Rental allowable against taxable income x x N/A
Ownership of vehicle x** x** x x
VAT chargable on rentals x x
VAT recoverable on monthly rentals x# x#
VAT on invoice value recovered by finance company and passed on to customer in lower rental x x x
No depreciation risk x x x
No vehicle disposal problems x x x
Reducing administration x x x x x
On-going advise and support x x x x x
Road fund licence provided x x* x*
Breakdown rescue cover x x* x*
Fixed charge maintenance x x* x*
VAT chargeable on services x x* x* x
VAT recoverable on services x x* x

CH   =   Contract Hire
FL   =   Finance Lease
PCP   =   Personal Contract Purchase
CP   =   Contract Purchase
HP   =   Hire Purchase

OP   =   Option to Purchase
**   =   Optional
#   =   Only 50% of the VAT relateing to the finance element is recoverable if private use
x   =   Yes, included in a particular finance package

100% of the service element VAT is recoverable with business use.

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