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Fleet Disposal

Fleet Disposal

As cars are our field of expertise we are always eager for quality used cars to display on our Sinclair Direct pre-owned vehicle sites. This site provides us with the most cost effective and efficient Fleet Disposal route possible. There is also the added opportunity for you, your friends and family to purchase your fleet vehicles at very favorable discounted prices compared to normal forecourt retail prices at the end of the lease period.

The advantage of purchasing ex-lease vehicles, whether it be your own vehicle or another vehicle from our wide selection, is that we have owned these vehicles from new and guarantee that they have been fully maintained, only serviced through main dealers, have only one owner from new and have genuine mileage.

We are even able to tell you where the vehicle has been and what it has been used for and provide you with a complete history of maintenance to help paint a picture of the life a particular car has lived to help with your decision making process.

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