To make life easier for company car drivers, our driver support frequently asked questions section below covers the main issues relating to the maintenance of any Sinclair Finance & Leasing leased vehicle.

What breakdown recovery is available on my leased vehicle?


​Sinclair Finance & Leasing offer two types of breakdown and vehicle recovery facilities. Your Fleet Manager will have taken out the level of cover upon the initial agreement.

  • AA Breakdown includes UK cover, road-side assistance and home start relay to your nearest franchise dealer.
  • Fleet Europe includes all of the AA breakdown cover plus Europe travel, a 48 hour replacement vehicle and relay to chosen destination.

All breakdown telephone numbers can be found within your vehicle’s driver handbook.

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How will I know my leased vehicle is due for service?


Manufacturers have their own service schedules, which are explained in the vehicle handbook. A dashboard display on many vehicles will also notify the driver that the vehicle is due for a service. It is imperative that the driver takes responsibility to make sure the vehicle is regularly serviced in accordance to the manufacturer’s schedules. If this is not carried out correctly, the warranty will be invalid leading to additional costs and could adversely affect the performance of your vehicle.

What is the procedure for booking in for a service?


Sinclair Finance & Leasing are currently a member of the 1 Link Service Network, which allows us to link to other dealers, service centres and fast fit outlets. You choose the most convenient location and Sinclair Finance & Leasing will book your vehicle in for a service according to the service schedules in the manufacturer’s handbook (or a mechanical repair, if required). All you do is sit back and allow us to do the rest through our 1 Link platform.

What is the procedure for tyre replacement?


Our two main tyre suppliers – Kwik-Fit and National Tyres – both operate from nationwide supplier centres and mobile services, and provide assistance with tyre replacement, batteries or exhausts. Supplier contact numbers are in your driver information pack. Remember to advise them that you are a Sinclair Finance & Leasing customer by presenting your account card – the rest will be handled through our 1 Link platform.

What do I do if I need a windscreen repair or replacement?


Glass repair is usually handled through your own company insurance. Contact your Fleet Manager who will inform you of the procedure. Our windscreen repairs are done through Auto Windscreens, so if your Fleet Manager advises you to go through us, you can find the appropriate contact details in the driver information pack. Remember to advise them that you are a Sinclair Finance & Leasing customer.

What happens in the event of a parking fine or similar traffic offence?


It is the driver’s responsibility to deal with all summonses for traffic or parking offences without delay. Charges not paid on the day will result in a penalty notice being issued. As the registered user is Sinclair Finance & Leasing, we will receive the notice. We will either provide the authority with the client’s details or pay the relevant penalty fee to the authority. If so, we will re-charge back to your company the value, plus an administration fee.

Can I take my leased vehicle abroad?


Yes. However, your Fleet Manager must first arrange the necessary insurance cover and green card. Also, it is necessary to contact Sinclair Finance & Leasing with your personal, vehicle and travel details. We will arrange for an authority letter plus a VE103 certificate to be sent to you, which is required for European travel. These can be applied for online. You must also ensure that you have the appropriate breakdown cover in place to cover European travel.

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Who do I contact in the event of an accident?


If your vehicle is involved in an accident please contact your Fleet Manager who will advise you of your company’s procedure. Also, you should notify Sinclair Finance & Leasing of the incident on 0845 130 8555.

Will I be provided with a replacement vehicle if needed?


​Some agreements include the provision of a short-term replacement vehicle, should your own vehicle be immobile. You will need to contact your Fleet manager to confirm your entitlement.

Who is responsible for replacing the RFL?


Your company car will be taxed prior to delivery for 12 months. It is our responsibility to ensure your vehicle is taxed for the duration of the contract. The vehicle will be taxed a month prior to expiry by Sinclair Finance & Leasing. Confirmation of this will be sent to your organisation’s nominated contact via e-mail. If there are any queries on this, you may also check the following website:

How will I know when my leased vehicle is due for an MOT test?


If your vehicle requires an MOT, notification will be sent to your Fleet Manager in advance. It is then your responsibility to book into a nominated garage or nearest franchised dealer.

What is the procedure at the end of the contract?


On return or collection of the vehicle, we will complete an inspection report to indicate any damage that has not been repaired – this will then be resolved by Sinclair Finance & Leasing and re-charged back to your company. All return vehicles must be clean and in good condition according to the BVRLA guidelines. All service books and keys must be returned or the cost of replacing them will become the client’s responsibility. You can access the BRVLA fair wear and tear guidelines by clicking the link below.

BRVLA Guidelines

What if I want to purchase my leased vehicle at the end of the contract?


Should you wish to purchase your vehicle at the end of the contract, whether it is for yourself, a colleague, family member or friend, we will be happy to give you a quote. Sinclair Finance & Leasing have a range of funding options available.

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