Fleet Management Dashboard is our online management system that keeps you up to speed on everything from fleet mileage and maintenance to motor insurance and tax, giving you visibility of the data you need to act on before any problems develop – and keep your fleet running to its full, most profitable capacity.

New insights mean new savings too. With clearer visibility of your fleet’s whole-life costs, you’ve got the vantage point to make your fleet maintenance budget go even further. And because the software gives you an instant overview of your entire fleet, you can easily create customised reports, action alerts and driver updates.

Fleet Management Dashboard delivers:

  • Fleet overview
    Fleet Management Dashboard gives you an overview of your entire fleet – not just cars and vans leased from us.
  • Customised reports
    Set daily, weekly or monthly reports, so you’re alerted when you need to make changes – and can stop downtime before it occurs.
  • Driver updates
    Update fleet drivers individually, or via group emails or texts, so they’ve got the information they need to drive profitably.
  • Set action alerts
    Receive automatic alerts every time you access the dashboard – reminding you to take action to avoid costly downtime.
  • Action alerts include
    Insurance and lease expiration, licence checks, mileage checks, MOT reminders, tax reminders, and servicing cues.
  • Standard service
    All this is completely free when you fund at least one vehicle with us, or use one of our other solutions.
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