Every organisation can have an occasional need for a short-term vehicle whether the use is for a day or several months.We can supply our customers with a car or van anywhere in the UK to suit their requirements.

Typical uses are:

  • New starter/probationary period
  • Awaiting new vehicle delivery
  • Vehicle off the road for mechanical or accident repair
  • Short-term projects or contracts
  • Seasonal demand
  • Non company car drivers travelling on business: avoid “Grey Fleet” risk

For most organisations, retaining a fleet of pool cars is not cost-effective or sufficiently flexible – especially if you have drivers across the UK - and creates an administrative burden.

Using our own in-house fleet and a national supplier network, we can supply short-term vehicles cost-effectively and flexibly.

Benefits of Short Term Rental

  • Competitive rental rates
  • Comprehensive selection of cars and vans
  • Total flexibility: tailored to your requirements
  • National delivery and collection
  • Maintenance included on longer term rentals
  • Same levels of driver support and service as for Contract Hire
  • Avoids requirement for Pool Cars or Grey Fleet drivers using their own cars on business